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Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you’re all well, I just wanted to start off with the reason I am making this page, and what you should expect from it.

Since I can remember, I have always struggled with my weight. I am 5”10 with an athletic build, and although i’ve heard many times over the years “you can’t tell you weigh that much” and “you carry it so well” doesn’t mean I want to weigh as much as I do, or that I want to carry it.

My eating habits haven’t always been the best, I live at home and was raised in a family that ate takeaways every Friday and a huge abundance of pizza and chicken nuggets. Sadly, my lack of will power and effort resulted in me jumping to a size 16 quite quickly, this downward spiral started when I was 14.

What startled me is even though I could “carry it”, I still didn’t look great compared to other size 16’s I see now, they’re curvaceous and stunning. I however, was not.


It was the top picture that made me realise something had to be done. During this time I was at college, where for lunch we had a wide selection of culinary delights, ranging from oily from chips to cheese stuffed paninis, and the occasional plain £4 salad (come on pal, this isn’t pret!)

I was baffled I ever got this big due to me playing netball at least twice a week. I ended up cutting down my portions massively, mostly only eating twice a day, and being proud of myself when I skipped a meal. Looking back, I can see this was ridiculous and was probably the biggest issue I had.

I was also diagnosed with IBS, so it came to a point where anything I ate made me feel sick, even salad! This pushed me to change my eating habits, I was fed up of feeling bloated and puffy all the time, I still have such a love/hate relationship with food. I decided to stop eating meat (except fish, sorry fish) as I felt this was the reason I was feeling sick all the time. I always wanted to stop eating meat for moral reasons, I just didn’t know how to start.

A couple of years ago, I lost a good amount of weight over the summer, I don’t really know how much as I didn’t even really mean for it to happen. I fell in love with soup and played netball every week as well as going on walks, bike rides and forgetting to binge due to being so tied up in the fun of summer.


here are two of my beautiful pals

I began to feel better in how I looked, especially when my friends and family would tell me I lost weight and looked good. But it still wasn’t enough.

I’d hit a wall in my weight loss, I’m sure everyone that’s been trying to lose a substantial amount of weight can agree it’s a horrible, frustrating feeling. I kept trying to eat salads, exercise and motivate myself with new recipes, but I realised that I just couldn’t do it on my own.

So in April 2016, I decided to join Slimming World. Since starting, I have lost 5lb, it appears to be a slow process for me, but a loss is a loss and I keep myself motivated by going to the sessions with others, being weighed and getting ideas from other people in the same boat as me.


I know I’m not overweight, so please don’t come to me with “you don’t even need to lose weight” or “why are you there” because I get it enough from my family. I go so I can change my lifestyle, my relationship with food, to keep me on track to being who I want to be (which coincidentally is me without tree trunks thighs).

I was a girl that thought potato was my 5-a-day and eating pizza every night was a dream come true. I now love kale, bulgur wheat and get excited at the prospect of a quinoa salad. I’m not saying you need to be this way at all, for me it just had to be all or nothing, as my lack of willpower would cause me to fall off the wagon time and time again. I feel I have a better attitude towards food now, and will make good choices when considering whether eating half a packet of Maryland biscuits is a good after dinner snack. I’ve come a long way from where I was before, mentally as well as physically. If you had asked me what a courgette or an artichoke was before I decided to make a change, I would have probably thought it was an instrument!

I hope this post helps someone, because honestly it’s helped me by writing down what I have achieved up to today. I want to post recipes to keep someone who like me struggles to stay motivated. Also  awkward diets are welcome (I’m also lactose intolerant, not that I avoid cheese).

So there you have it!

I hope to hear from you guys soon x



  1. August 5, 2016 / 1:38 pm

    Loved this post – very honest & interesting. I’ve heard a lot of good things about slimming world – hope it’s still going well for you. Looking forward to seeing more posts like this & keep up the good work! Gweni xxx

    • August 5, 2016 / 1:39 pm

      Aw thank you Gweni! It is definitely working, slowly but surely ☺️ xxx

  2. August 8, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    Great post Tiffany. It’s always about balance isn’t it? Although I’m finding I struggle with that a lot just lately. It was lovely to meet you last Thursday at Bodega, although I wasn’t myself as was poorly 🙁 Look forward to seeing you again soon.

    • August 8, 2016 / 12:39 pm

      Thanks Steph, really appreciate it! It was lovely to meet you too 🙂 hope to see you on Thursday? If not Saturday ☺️ hope you feel better soon xx

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