October Wishlist

This post is incredibly hard for me to write, and not for any other reason than not being able to afford all the hot-as-fuck items in my basket. Whilst trying to save for a trip to Dubai, save spending money for Amsterdam and upgrade my camera I am sobbing into a cup of tea browsing all the beautiful items that could be on my feet, round my waist or resting on my shoulders. But fear not, I will just show you through a really botched paint job what I love about what is in my dreamy basket!

So, instead of taking pictures of me attempting to strut my stuff in my new garms, I will have to compensate by showing the blogger world what I lurve.



This little beauty is made to make me feel like a lady, I know it. Fitting in with the autumnal vibe by sporting a beige and yellow jacquard hem, I know it would be worth the 6,500 pennies it is retailing for (for those bad at math, £65). If I owned this, I would wear it with a black winter wooly hat and feel like Taylor Swift.



Ok so every blogger and their dog wants this jacket I’m sure, I first saw it on Asos Anna (dream girl) a while back and I instantly fell in love, I have more recently seen it on Pages By Megan (dream girl #2). At £65 I am hoping it will go into sale, deep down knowing it never will… SOB

freshpaint-0-2016-10-06-09-31-38SO CASUAL SO NICE DRESS UP DRESS DOWN YOU CHOOSE

This tee is amazing, and only £20?! Maybe I can buy this…? I adore the long sleeves and oversized style, oversized is a staple of mine so whenever I have a food pouch no one will know! I am big on embroidery this season, and this tee is fuelling the passion I have for stitching. Missguided Y U DO DIS 2 ME!

freshpaint-0-2016-10-06-09-43-36THE WARMTH, I CAN FEELS IT

I am a cold AF person, so every year I buy about 6 scarfs, and I even wear them during summer. For reals, I do. This scarf is amazing, it is the perfect colours for autumn, it’s huuuge and oooozes style. I need to stop finding stuff that is decent prices, otherwise I will just buy them! This scarf comes at a bargain of £20, and I’m pretty sure there is a matching bag too. HOW ADORABLE.


Hi, don’t mind me, just in shoe heaven… 

These shoes are something else. I adore the colour, style, heel, material and the laces are dope. These shoes definitely warrant being on my wist list, as they come at a hefty price of £96. Man, I can’t put into words how much I would love to rock these beauties with the oversized embroidered t-shirt dress from Missguided! Help me! Ahhh these would also go so good with the ASOS bomber in my list too! Double SOB!


SO there you have it, my tears and dreams condensed into one blog post. I was planning on listing 10 but it’s just too much, I can’t bear it.

Thanks as always for reading you delicious bunch xoxo



  1. October 8, 2016 / 11:56 am

    I love the first jacket. I usually just go for black jackets so would be nice to have something with a little detailing at the bottom. Plus the shoes are quite funky too, but a little bit expensive for what they are
    Great post 🙂 xxx

  2. October 8, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    I absolutely love this post! Your little additions to all the photos are such a fab idea, really creative! 🙌🏼 The “slutty ankle” comment made me giggle! 🙈 Really like the River Island scarf, I really need a new scarf for Autumn / winter so I’m definitely gonna stop by my local store!

    Abbey ✨ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. October 8, 2016 / 12:17 pm

    Love this post and love how creative your photos are! I love the river island scarf soooo much! It’s lovely! Great post 🙂 xxxx

  4. October 8, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    Omg I love all your photos, so creative! Love all the outifits!! 🙂

  5. Debra-Bow
    October 8, 2016 / 4:58 pm

    OMG, this post had me giggling. Absolutely love this haha. Love everything on your wish list, most of it is going to be going onto mine now. Especially love the oversized top.. P.S pls edit my photos in the future love all this references k thanks bye <3
    lots of love, Debra-Bow xxxx

  6. October 9, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    That River Island scarf and that whole look is basically me in autumn/winter. I just wished I looked that stylish, I tend to look like I’ve just piled all of my clothes on! Fab post lovely 🙂
    Sian x

  7. October 9, 2016 / 5:02 pm

    Haha, I love your sense of humour in this post, that blue floral bomber is amazeballs too x

  8. October 18, 2016 / 4:32 pm

    The little comments on the pictures really did make me laugh, haha, perfect! I’ve been obsessed with bomber jackets recently, definitely grab one whilst you can! 🙂


  9. Lauren
    November 24, 2016 / 11:04 pm

    I love all of these choices! Especially the shoes and that coat… gorgeous <3

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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