Brows of Steel

Brows of Steel

If you’re like me and have brows that need creating each morning, you’ve probably looked up longer-term fixes. I’m not a make-up queen by any means so I try and keep my routine minimal, yet my brows always seemed to demand attention.

Enter microblading. Now this blog post isn’t going to focus too much on what the process is about (hopefully you already know), rather than simply describe my experience of it.

What actually is microblading? Does it look fake? Does it hurt? Can I justify the price? 

These were just some of the questions running through my head when I considered the process. It all seemed too permanent and risky; I really wasn’t sure whether I was ready to commit. But I was really fed up of feeling like I was unable to go outside without getting fleeky first. Getting up earlier every morning to sort out my non-existent slugs that end up wonky and smudged was really starting to cream my corn. I decided to take the plunge, can’t hurt to try right?

back in 2011 when my brows were the least of my problems…

After too much deliberating, I booked an appointment with Soraya Steel to see what kind of magic she could work.

I couldn’t believe how intricate and detailed the whole process of microblading is. Microblading is basically semi-permanent tattooing that lasts between 1-3 years. Small cuts are made under the eyebrows and dye is deposited in them so it resembles small, natural-looking hairs.

When I arrived, the first process was to map out the points to make my eyebrows even, cos why should eyebrows be sisters and not twins?

Soraya then took a picture of my eyebrows on an app that checked whether the measurements she’d taken were correct, it’s insane how there’s an app for it!

(lol that one of my eyebrows was so much lower than the other)

After I was all measured up, it was time to get slicing. I was pretty nervous but thanks to the reassurance from Soraya and noticing the anaesthetic kicking in, I was ready. I’d definitely say the weirdest part was the sound, listening to your eyebrow being sliced open is an odd experience to say the least.

mapping that brow

prepping for the procedure with anaesthetic!








The whole process took around an hour and a half – that’s the mapping of the brow, the anaesthetic and the filling.

When Soraya handed me the mirror I was pretty speechless. There were defined, dense brows hovering above my eyes like little halos! They’re definitely more natural looking than I was expecting, especially compared to when I was drawing them on, it’s saved me SO much time in the morning!

2 hours or so later, Im in love!

Here’s a couple of points I feel anyone considering microblading should know:

  1. It will hurt a little. I’m not going to pretend that it’s painless, but I would definitely say it’s worth it and I’d happily do it again. I did have anaesthetic but after a while it does start to wear off, so prepare yourself for that!
  2. Make sure you know what eyebrow shape you want – considering I’d been drawing my eyebrows on for years, I had no idea what shape or size I wanted 🙄
  3. You cannot wear eyebrow make-up whilst it is healing, no matter how patchy they look!
  4. Everyone heals differently, so in the following weeks, results may vary from person to person.
  5. Aftercare is crucial!

I’ll be following this post up with the healing process, as well as my top-up come December. A huge thank you again to Soraya for being a genius with a scalpel and giving me the brows I’ve longed for all my life.

photo by Brows of Steel

If you would like to get your brows done by Soraya, check out her Instagram here and don’t forget to use my 10% discount code TIFFANYBROWS10 xoxo


I was kindly invited by Soraya from Brows of Steel to receive a discounted treatment for a review. All words are my own and are a true reflection of my experience.

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