why you need to go to Kosice, Slovakia

Happy Friday, pals!


If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that recently Izzy and I took a wonderful trip to Kosice, Slovakia. Never heard of it? Neither had I, but after a quick Google images binge we decided to take the leap and book ourselves some flights!

If you had never heard of it, why did you go?

Good question inner monologue.

We decided to go because it was cheap, and it would be a new adventure for the both of us.
I decided this year that I wanted to try to go to places I’d never been before, and having never heard of it seemed all the more exciting! More importantly it was INCREDIBLY CHEAP, and with my new freelance adventure I certainly wasn’t jetting off to the Maldives any time soon.

So a little bit of info about Kosice (it’s actually pronounced Ko-sheet-ser which I didn’t master until our last day). It was actually named a European Capital of Culture in 2013 (together with Marseille), and they host a International Peace Marathon every year since 1924 making it the 3rd oldest marathon in the world(!) and the oldest in Europe. They also have oldest city coat-of-arms in Europe. The angel with knights armour has represented Košice since 1369! This little city is packing a lot of history.

When people think of Slovakia they think of Bratislava, which has higher restaurant costs due to being a capital. The real values are in the lesser-visited but beautiful eastern part of the country, and this is why we thought HELL YES LET’S GO.

The food is incredible

Izzy and I ordered 2 meals pretty much everywhere we went, how can you not? I had a main pasta dish, a pizza and a dessert for less than $15! It’s no wonder my jeans didn’t fit when I got home…

We also decided to treat ourselves to a fancier restaurant, mainly because I can’t afford to do that at home! After having 2 starters, 2 mains and a couple glasses of red I think the bill came to around $50 for both. The food standard was impeccable, even a cheapskate like me couldn’t grumble at that!

What I didn’t expect is how many Italian restaurants there would be?! But again, not complaining. You know how much your girl loves pizza and carbs in general.

The views/architecture are inspiring

I’m a sucker for a good cathedral, isn’t everyone? I love walking around churches and streets everywhere I go. I was honestly stunned by the beautiful St Elisabeth Cathedral, it’s on a main road, smack bang in the centre and the interior left me SHOOK.

I could only grab a few photos as I felt I was getting in the way of people and their prayers, but this is something you most definitely have to visit if you go!

Spiš Castle

We didn’t have too long to explore Kosice, but we knew we wanted to go visit Spiš Castle, which has some breathtaking views. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we definitely didn’t think it would be an hour up-hill hike!

Izzy was sporting some heels but that girl still hiked like her life depended on it! Therefore I would recommend hiring a car, it takes 10 minutes to get up the castle if you do, and there’s so many surrounding areas such as High-Tatras that you can get to my car, which is somewhere I will 100% be visiting.

Cheap adorable cafes

I loved every place we grabbed breakfast, lunch, coffees, but this one was the most loveliest place. It’s called Pogo Cafe and it has the best choice in coffees, sweet treats and brunch. It was amazing that I didn’t have to worry about being dairy free, because they had so many options! I can’t remember how much exactly a hazelnut almond latte was, but I remember thinking they had got it wrong! Definitely a must if you’re in the area.

So overall I had an amazing trip, with incredible food and half decent company (jokes love you Izzy). I would highly recommend checking out the areas of Slovakia that aren’t as touristy, after reading many travel posts about where to go in Slovakia, Kosice came up top. I understand why the locals love it so much, and can’t wait to return in the summer!


  1. April 13, 2018 / 9:18 am

    Okay right I’ll book my tickets to Kosice now then shall I?! Literally lived for your Instagrams while you were out there – it’s so cool that you’ve introduced us to somewhere completely new and shared the best images while you were there. Can’t wait for your next adventure!

    Lois | http://www.aworthytrend.com


    • April 13, 2018 / 9:20 am

      Ahhh Lois this is the loveliest comment, I wanted to try and show some less visit places, feels like everyone always goes to the same place! Xxxxxx

  2. April 13, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    Sounds like a great trip! Love finding places that are off the beaten path, so much fun!

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