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Happy hump-day pals!

I hope you’re all having a productive week, or planning summer holidays and adding bikinis to your ASOS wish list, COS SAME. The recent burst of summer has really given me itchy feet, especially as it left as quick as it came *sob*

It got me thinking about some of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and everything I shovelled into my mouth whilst I was there… Ah… Better times. So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite locations I’ve and some of my favourite foods I had whilst I was there!



Spain is well known for foods such as tapas, paella, gazpacho, patatas bravas and many more! I love tomato-based dishes and my most favourites have been from Spain.

(L-R) Atreactif, C_B_C_K, Chris Clift

According to Travel Away, “You are not allowed to visit Spain without experiencing the famous tapas! It’s like visiting Paris without seeing the Tour Eiffel, or like exploring Italy without having a proper espresso.

I definitely agree, tapas is is one of the best styles of meals I’ve ever had because I love to try everything. But my favourite dish of all has to be paella, I will never order it in any other country.

I love paella because I love huge portions of food, who doesn’t? But the plates look incredible, and the seafood is incredibly fresh and I could eat that alone! Rice is a really filling dish too, and there’s nothing worse than still feeling hungry after your main, this is a common problem of mine…



Gado Gado – “Traditional Indonesian salad consisting of water spinach, bean sprout, string beans, cucumber, tofu, tempeh, hard-boiled egg and lontong (rice cakes). All combined in a mildy-spiced peanut sauce”

(L-R) Busy Bees Kitchen, Brook Lee Naturopathy, Veggie Keto Girl

Unfortunately I broke my phone when on my travels around Indonesia, otherwise I would have snapped until my food went cold! But it is a place that has stolen my heart, and I am dying to return.

I struggled a little when I was there due to JUST transitioning to pescetarian, not because they didn’t have great options but because I wanted to try all the incredible meats!

A dish I did put my trust in was gado gado. I sometimes struggle to eat anything heavy when in a  hot country so this was perfect, the peanut sauce was honestly heavenly. I very often grabbed veggie street rice too with peas, onions and carrots for a bargain of £1 or less.
How can you not love the Gili T street market?

I also had many buddha bowls for breakfast which were SO GOOD AND SO CHEAP. I’m sure they were only around £1/£1.50? They were huge! I miss you Gili T.



Whenever I think of Italy, I think of pizza. Delicious, fresh, cheese-less pizza. Nothing has ever compared to the italian dishes I have experienced in Lucca, so much so that I return every single year. The pizza dough is AMAZING, paired with a red wine and I am in heaven. I always have veggie pizza with artichokes and mushrooms AND I WISH I WAS THERE RIGHT NOW.

Images taken by me

Something that being lactose intolerant couldn’t hold me back from was the gelato. Who could not have an ice cream from an award winning city? Not me that’s for sure. Make sure you check our Barga next time you’re near, it’s a beautiful little town in Italy situated near the Garfagnana which is somewhere I absolutely love to stay. The mountainous views are worth the trip alone.

My diet consisted of pasta, pizza and all the ice-cream I could manage, but thanks to all the beautiful sights and walking I did non of it stuck to me (THANK GOD!).

I love everything about Italy, it’s culture, the views, the language, the food… but one thing I do disagree with is the negativity towards mixing cheese and fish together, it is a match made in heaven to me!


Now for somewhere I definitely need to go…



I know I would love a Dubai luxury holiday, what I think intrigues me the most is that you can experience all types of holidays in one place. Wanna chill on a beautiful beach? You’re covered. Love walking around on a city break? Dubai got you. Wanna go all SATC 2 and chill in the desert? Get on your camel girl.

Photos by Kathryn Reynolds IG: @krrr14

But what sort of food does Dubai have?

Now I will say the only way I want to interact with a camel is riding one, but apparently they eat camel in Dubai?! I’ll pass on that, but the street food looks sensational. If you’re looking for pork you’ll be disappointed, but don’t fret! Dubai has plenty of seafood, chicken, beef and lamb to offer.

(L-R) Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow, Maya Dubai, Common Grounds

What I like about Dubai is that you can try a vast array of cuisine. Many restaurants in the region tend to take inspiration from Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, meaning that you can trying dishes varying from Indian to Korean! I love having plenty of options when I’m away, especially as I love to try foods I’ve not experienced before.

I also heard that you can haggle your food prices?! I LOVE THAT. That’s not just with street food, but with restaurants too! I am such a bargain hunter, and nothing makes food taste nicer than a low price label, right?

One thing I wish I could try is Shawarma (pictured on the left). It’s a wrap containing a spicy meat teamed with mint sauce, and is incredibly cheap and found on the streets. Here’s hoping by the time I go they have one with crispy tofu! (a girl can dream…)


Where do you want to visit next? I need more holiday ideas!

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