Bistrot Pierre – Leicester

I honest to God feel as though I have committed a crime.

I have lived in Leicester ALL MY LIFE and it was only in May 2018 that I experienced Bistrot Pierre for the first time.

I was really looking forward to my first experience. I always saw it as a special occasion place – like something for a wedding anniversary or a graduation meal. We decided to celebrate the fact that the sun had graced us with it’s presence for the first time in what felt like a century. So with that in mind, I skipped to town to meet Nat ready for celebrations!

I was gobsmacked when I pulled back the red velvet curtain. The french decor was stunning, I really didn’t know what to expect – but I didn’t expect this.

We sat down, and was greeted by the lovely Taz, who handed us tons of menus to choose from. We were spoilt for choice! I decided to order from the a la carte menu. It took us both a while to narrow down what we wanted, and decided that sharing two starters was the only way we would be able to try as much as possible! After 2 bread baskets and a gulp of red wine we were ready.



Brioche et champignons
Toasted brioche and fricassée of mushrooms with (or without) Alsace bacon

Crottin de chèvre
Baked goats’ cheese with marinated beetroot, chicory, watercress, toasted walnuts and grain mustard dressing

Man, what a way to start a meal. I adore mushrooms, and Nat loves the fancy ones so we knew that would be our first choice. Nat then saw the crottin de chèvre which was a no-brainer. Warm goats cheese with roasted walnuts? AND beetroot? I bloody love a temperature clash when it comes to food. The pairings were so interesting – it was a taste you couldn’t get bored of, I wish I had 2!

We loved both starters. I think I preferred the Brioche, but it was a close call. All-in-all, we were off to a solid start!



Poulet printanier
Pan-fried chicken breast with asparagus, fricassée of wild mushrooms, peas, truffle oil and tarragon

Bouillabaisse maison
Our take on this classic fish stew from Marseille; with sea bass, mussels, king prawns, and smoked haddock served with rouille, cheese and pommes frites only

As soon as we sat down I was sold by the bouillabaisse maison, and when Taz recommended it I was sure my main was going to be incredible.

I had the image above with a side of chips, rouille with cheesy bread and an extra side garlic mushrooms because there’s nothing more romantic than garlic, obviously. Nat also had dauphinoise potatoes and an extra side of french beans toasted with almond flakes (omg?!) so the portion sizes were very generous.

I did find it strange getting a fish stew with chips, but I’m all for it. I also couldn’t believe the size of the king prawns?! Absolutely huge, had to send a picture to my mum. All the fish was cooked to perfection, I was overwhelmed with delight. Definitely a good option if you want something light, minus the chips!

We went a little overboard, but oh my it was worth it! Nat boasted highly about the poulet printanier. By the end of it we were in comatose, but don’t think for a second we weren’t getting dessert. Mama didn’t raise no fool.



Warm baked pear and raspberry frangipane with vanilla crème fraîche and toasted pistachios

Café gourmand
Berry macaroon, chocolate brownie, caramel profiterole and vanilla ice cream on an almond crumble, with (or without) espresso coffee

I finished off both as Nat couldn’t hack it (though he 100% ate more than me). I mixed the frangipane with the ice-cream and it was SoOoOo dreamy! I am an apple crumble girl through and through, but this frangipane changed the game. café gourmand was beautiful too, I tend to not be a chocolate pudding person but the brownie was so rich and satisfying.

Our overall experience was incredible. Taz was so friendly and helpful, the red wine was flowing, the food was awe inspiring. I cannot wait to return!


The amazing guys at Bistrot Pierre have also given me a little somethin’ somethin’ for all my fab readers. A free drink for you the next time you visit! Use code: LBPYQPD9. You’ll find all the Ts&C’s you need here!

I was invited by Bistrot Pierre for a complimentary meal in return for an honest review. All imagery and words are mine unless stated otherwise.

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  1. May 15, 2018 / 10:05 am

    Hands up, I’ve never been here either!! And same as you it always looked like a posh, ‘special occasion’ place’. But it looks lovely!!

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