Holidaying with Holiday Gems*

“This year is all about travelling my friend” – Tiffany Frost (2018)

Happy Monday blog fam! How are you? Good? I’m glad, cos I’m going to be talking about allllll things travel in todays post.

I decided that this year would be all about travelling for me. I wanted to go travelling for 6 months, but after deciding to start my own company, it just wasn’t feasible. Instead I decided to plan in lots of little trips to get me through!

One site that I’ve used that not many have heard of is, I think Holiday Gems is great because it caters for a lot of people. My family tend to travel in a heard of 6 or more, so being able to look at different hotels and villas is IDEAL.

When my family travel, we are also accompanied by my beautiful little 6″3 autistic brother Ben. A lot of the time, we need to check perimeters to make sure he’s safe. When booking at Holiday Gems, the customer service was spot on. They were very accommodating to Ben, what we needed and gave us all the information we needed about our hotels and even found out additional info for peace of mind.

But it’s not all about how well we were treated (though it definitely bloody helped) but the places they have on offer are INCREDIBLE. So here’s a few places on my wish-list, because as I said before. This year is alllll about travelling.

Mediterranean Palace Hotel – Tenerife


How stunning is this hotel?! I absolutely loved Tenerife, and not just because I got the best tan in my whole existence, but I just loved the white sands and blue sea. Original, I know. If you’ve never been before. I would definitely recommend!

Monte Mar Palace Hotel – Madeira


I’m a sucker for any hotel that’s near the beach, when you’re floating in the pool looking out over to the watery abyss. This dreamy little place is a bargain too – for only £349pp for a week in June, I want to book my flights now!

Atlantis The Palm – Dubai


So this wouldn’t be a wish-list if I didn’t add a hotel that is completely out of my price range, would it? This beautiful hotel is a 5 star luxury experience, it has everything from fish swimming around in the walls in your room to a spa within walking distance. Atlantis is an experience of a lifetime. Plus who could turn town access to a private beach? A girl can dream.

Also does anyone else love that they have a section on their site where you can book flights for tomorrow? because I don’t know one person that wouldn’t benefit for a flight to a hot country tomorrow. The possibilities are endless.

So any who, if you’re looking for a low cost holiday with a company that always puts you first, i’d check out their site.


This is a sponsored post for, all words are my own unless specified. I only write sponsored content about products/websites I am able to write my own experiences about.

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