BOO Burger

BOO Burger

Now let me tell you, being a veggie does not mean you miss out on some DOPE burgers, and I feel like I’m becoming quite the critic when it comes to veggie/vegan cuisine. That being said, I was recently invited to try out Boo Burger on London road. It’s the first Boo Burger and we’re lucky enough for it to be in Leicester, and I’m lucky enough for it to be 10 minutes from my house! I’d seen Boo Burger killing it on social media. I was very intrigued to see whether it lived up to the hype…

I was accompanied on my burger quest by my friends Sharni and Dani, mainly because they both are just as food obsessed as I am but also because we all have different tastes. Especially Sharni, if you’ve impressed her you’re sorted for life!

Boo Burger‘s vibe is all about being urban, modern and rustic. I have to say they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Take the design of the establishment for example. Now I know that this doesn’t really play a part when putting a restaurants menu to the taste test, but when you’re a blogger and you need to get some snaps it helps tons.

The service is also top notch, I love being able to see my food my made, and the fact that I was given a little buzzer to let me know when it was ready meant I could carry on nattering to my friends without worrying whether my name/number would be called and I’d missed it!

Being a vegetarian, I was drawn to the Booloumi burger. Mainly due to being the only veggie burger on the menu, but I can’t deny that the flavours were SENSATIONAL.

BOOLOUMI  (V) | £5.50

“Halloumi Cheese, Crispy Onion Strings, Round Leaf Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sweet Onion Relish”

I cannot stress that I am not a very cheesy person, I tend to steer clear of it being lactose-intolerant. But even I couldn’t keep away. I watched as they prepared every part of my burger, it was genuinely handled with so much care. It genuinely looked like one of the burger you’d see on an advert, super model burger fo sho.

Everything in this burger just worked, the tenderness of the halloumi with the crunch of the onion strings is stuff only Shakespeare could right about. I can’t explain a love like that. The sweet onion relish was such a clever addition tying together the combination of flavours. The brioche bun played a huge part too, they toasted them just like my mum does when we have a BBQ. Can’t beat it. Tasty nostalgia nuggets.

I added fries and a drink for £3 (duh) and I was impressed. The fries were not what I was expecting at all, they’re shaped like a crescent moon, not greasy what-so-ever and incredibly crispy. I’ve honestly never had better fries/chips with a burger meal before. We also got unlimited refills which I feel should always be a thing. Why doesn’t everyone do refills? It’s 2017 people. We sampled ‘Blue Mix’ which tastes just like WKD, non alcoholic unfortunately, but we later found out that it was sponsored by WKD itself! 2008 and 2017 me are still buzzing about this!

So overall it was a great experience, and I will 104% be going back. I really hope they bring out some extra veggie options because I feel like I’m missing out! This place is spot on for a catch up with friends, or a place to grab a bite to eat before your train home. I even took some home for my boyfriend as I didn’t want him to miss out on the experience!

Location: 7
Local to town which is great, parking is a bit of an issue depending when you go as London road is MANIC but definitely worth circling a few streets for some tasty treats

Interior: 9
Blog. Goals. I mean the cups literally say ‘Hey Boo’ and the tables are marble, it’s like it was made for the blogging community. I would vouch for comfier chairs though if I were to be picky!

Food: 10
I cannot stress how delicious the Booloumi burger was, I can’t really speak for the rest of the menu but Dani has the Haystack and you can read what she thinks here!

Value: 10
2 burgers, bites, 3 lots of chips, 2 refillable drinks and milkshake all for £21, and don’t forget your student card cos that’s including discount!

Service: 9
I was thoroughly impressed with how quick and friendly the service was, I never really expect much from a burger joint but Boo definitely excels itself.

* I was kindly invited by Boo Burger to sample their menu in return for an honest review. All words and photos are my own.